About Daleigh Custom & Trades

My name is Justin Leigh

I own Daleigh ('Da-lay') Tradesmen LLC, a small tradesman business located in northern Michigan. A proud American business of hard-working men and women providing clean quality work. Men and women with different skills and precise with their craft.

1. We focus on the small trade jobs customers need.
- Custom Woodwork
- Landscaping
- Concrete/Masonary
- Drywall/Mudding
- Etc.

2. Sub-Contractor Services Offered.
- Daleigh offers subcontracting service to contractors in need of extra hands. Any contractor in need of help can benefit from our 'Contract to work'. Hours and pay negotiable.

The Daleigh Mission

Our first mission is to be hard-working American men and women. Men and women who provide honest clean quality work, with the utmost attention to detail and always on time.

We don't "half ass it" around here and if we can't do it, we won't do it.

Our mission continues to also provide a place of employment to individuals with a love for the trades. The individuals that love to keep their feet moving and their hands dirty. Also, for individuals that need continous change.

Futhermore, but lastly, everyone that represents Daleigh, adheres to the mission with the utmost integrity.

Always On Time
Always Work Hard
Always Leave Quality
Proceed To Succeed!